60cm PCI-E PCI Express X16 Extender PCI E USB Riser Card pcie Mining Card Adapter for bitcoin mining BTC motherboard device


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: As each batch of raw material may be different,
The PCI-E riser card may be a little different on the appearance, but the function is the same
. We promise testing each riser before the shipment!
These parts may be different from the photo,
1. Solid capacitor, appearance and color may be different,
2. USB 3.0 cables, we use blue cables and black cables,
3. the PCI Express x16 slot, appearance and color may be different,
4. The Chipset model may be different
5. The Silk print may be different
Please Agree with this Statement before Purchasing.
1. Model:PCE164P-N03 VER007S
2. Brand new and high quality
3. Safer, more efficient, more practical
4. With SATA 15PIN to enhance power supply, the graphics card power supply independent from the motherboard, which to reduce the burden on the motherboard when connect multi-graphics card
5.Graphics card power supply with four solid capacitors, graphics card power supply more stable and secure.
6. Solve the problem that welding point fragile burn, transmission signal attenuation, platoon line length is not enough and so on
7. Slots with fixed card buckle, remove the graphics card and the fixed graphics, the graphics card will not fall off from the slot
8. PCI-E connector with multi-layer shielded wire, the longest can connect 3 Meters the signal will not attenuate
1.Power Connector: Sata 15 pin
2.The board size:Approx. 12.2cm*4.5cm (Allow ±0.2cm error)
3.USB Cable Length:60cm
4.Compatible use: with any graphics cards
One set included:
1x PCI-E 16X adapter
1x PCI-E 1X riser board
1x USB3.0 cable

High Quality 60cm USB 3.0 Riser Cable(Blue or Black, send randomly).

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PCI-E Riser

Model Number

1x to 16x Riser

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Brand Name


Feature 1

PCI E riser card

Feature 2

PCI-E Extender Card

Feature 3

1X 4X 8X 16X suitable

Feature 4

pci express riser card

Feature 5


Feature 6


Feature 7

riser card

Feature 8

pci-e riser

Feature 9

graphics card riser

Feature 10

mining bitcoin miner


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